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AGE GROUPS (age as of January 1st):

Leadline (min. age 2), 10 & Under, 11-14, 15-19, 20-39, 40 & Over


Riders are asked to dress appropriately and must wear riding/western boots or similar, with a closed toe and raised heel (NO CROCS). If volunteering, you may wear tennis shoes but NO OPEN TOED shoes will be allowed in the arena.


ALL MEMBERS WILL BE REQUIRED TO PRE-REGISTER for the next playday by the deadline posted or incur a $15 late fee the day of the playday, which must be paid upon check-in, prior to riding.  If this late fee or any exhibition/event fees are not paid prior to riding, any points received for those events will be forfeited.



Family: $70 for up to three (3) riders then $15 per additional rider

Individual:  $40 per rider


Leadline:  $30 per member / $40 non-member (fee covers all events)

$45 for member / $60 for non-member (fee covers all events, can run one (1) event or all four)


Each member will receive a ½ point (.5) for attending.  Members MUST PARTICIPATE in 7 of 9 playdays in order to qualify for year-end prizes.  There will be a double point/double attendance playday this season which will require a double entry fee per rider ($60 Leadline / $90 all other age groups)


AT NO TIME should a rider cross the alleyway while another rider is inside the arena running a pattern. THE ALLEYWAY IS TO REMAIN CLEAR AT ALL TIMES. Riders should enter and exit with their horse under control, exiting at a walk, if possible.  Each age group will be called to the holding pens before the start of their event(s).  Riders must be in the holding pens, no exceptions. Riders must enter the arena from the holding pens and exit into the left side holding pen ONLY.  Each rider must EXIT THE ARENA following their run to allow plenty of space for the other riders.


A rider's name will be called three (3) times ONLY (there is a 30 second time limit from the first call to the final call to enter the arena, as the rider should already be in the holding pen).  If unable to make the call, it is up to the rider (or parent) to inform the announcer of the issue PRIOR to the third call to avoid disqualification and receiving a NO TIME ?NT? for that event. 

If a rider is late to the playday, but arrives, notifies the registration table, and is ready to enter the arena before the last rider of the 20-39 age group, he/she may ride for a recorded time.  Once the event has been torn down, he/she has lost their opportunity to ride that event. 


Parents are held responsible for their children's behavior. Children must have adult supervision, at all times. Parents are expected to have explained the rules all members are required to abide by at any Tawakoni Saddle Club of Kaufman County event to their children. 

If a raffle item is donated in order to raise additional funds for year-end awards, all members are required to sell at least 10 raffle tickets for that item in order to qualify for year-end awards. 


ALL members are REQUIRED to volunteer for at least one event OR exhibition event during each playday to qualify for year-end awards (volunteers must be 15 years of age or older; if underage, Parents may volunteer in their place). You may only volunteer for Leadline if you have a child in leadline.  If you have multiple members participating, we ask that you volunteer for each member to ensure we have enough volunteers to cover all events/exhibitions. Volunteers must pay close attention to what is going on inside the arena as you are acting as an arena judge during this time.  If an event does not have enough volunteers the playday will remain halted until additional volunteers enter the arena.  If this becomes a problem with members not volunteering, the Board may implement a rule to take away points or disqualify for non-participation. 


The policy regarding disobedience of members and/or non-members will be as follows:  1) Verbal Warning to rider/parent, 2) the individual (member or non-member) will be asked to leave the premises for remainder of the day and forfeit all points for that playday and 3) the individual (member or non-member) will be removed for the remainder of season and the rider will not qualify for year-end awards.  If a Member has a dispute with his/her time regarding pattern completion or penalties received during their event, the member/parent should notify a Board Member following the run and raise their concern.  The TSC Board will settle all disputes.


The use of profanity, alcohol or disorderly conduct of any kind will be sufficient cause for disqualification from any TSC activity.  At the discretion of the TSC Board, a rider/spectator, or any other person, may be asked to vacate the premises if this rule is not adhered to.


No pets are allowed inside the arena/stands.  All animals must be on a leash at all times, even at your trailer.